Austrian Winter Peas

A Cool season, annual legume. Great for wildlift forage, as well as a cover crop, and even bees.


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Austrian Winter pea is considered a cool-season annual legume, although it can be successfully grown in the spring/summer in cooler regions. It is a low-growing, viney plant that can reach 2- to 4-feet tall, depending on soil fertility and management. The stems are hollow and slender, and the fleshy leaves are pale green with toothed margins. It also contains branched, slender tendrils on the top of the plant. Winter pea produces flowers in the spring, which are pinkish-purple in color. If plants are not overgrazed, seed production can occur through pods that are 2- to 3-inches long that contain several round seeds.
Due to its nitrogen-fixing ability, winter pea has numerous agricultural uses, and it is very easy to establish.
PLANTING: 40- 50 lb per acre broadcast/ 30-40lb per acre drill 1/2-1 in deep

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